These shoots are for persons 18+ to capture who they are, as they are

This could be a shoot by yourself and for yourself, by yourself and for a partner, or with a partner as a celebration of your partnership. This could be simple, soft, and intimate, or it could be edgy. It's about you, your comfort level, and your goals.

There are many reasons to choose to book a boudoir shoot, and all of them involve celebrating you.
General FAQ

Why is your boudoir Instagram private if all are welcome?

My boudoir Instagram @brittanneboudoir is open to all adults who are respectful and supportive members of the community I aim to cultivate. One reason for requiring a request to follow is for the safety of that community. Another reason is to avoid bots & spam, which would take away from the authenticity.

Where are sessions being held?

In a studio setting! We can discuss local options at time of booking.

What if I / we want our pictures to be private?

We will cover releases in the contract phase! You and yours can choose to share as much as you want or nothing at all - it's all about what you are comfortable with.