Hi, I'm Brittany

I am a portrait & boudoir photographer based in Central California.

My goal with photography is to capture authentic moments while celebrating and empowering people as they are.

Mentorship & Above Photo By:
Jeri Motta @jerimottaboudoir

Q&A's are my favorite!

Brittany, tell me a little more about yourself

- I go by Brittany, Britt, or B - any / all will work :)
- My pronouns are she / her
- I'm originally from the Central Valley in CA, I have also lived in Colorado & Arizona
- I have a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, my focus was Ecology. I love the world around us.
- I enjoy sewing quite a bit, my goal is to be making corsets & whimsical dresses by the end of 2023
- I am a huge Disney person
- I have a dog that I'm absolutely obsessed with

Where are you based in CA?

Fresno County, CA

What social media do you have?

Instagram x3:
@iiitsbrittany (personal)

Personal blog: brittanne.com

I don't have a Facebook.

Tell me about your tenure with editing & photography in general.

I took an introductory photography / editing / media class in high school (10+ years ago) and it always stuck with me. I mostly borrowed cameras of others which as you could imagine was rather unreliable for providing consistent services.

I am a firm believer that education is continual. I am continuing my education independently through online and text resources, completed a mentorship, and am looking into classes.

Tell me about your tenure with boudoir.

I have always thought boudoir was a beautiful form of self expression, but did not have a true introduction to that world until 2018.

My partner has a bondage gear business and I was the original model for that company. I did gear shoots for them in Feb & May 2018, and after the gear shoot was done, his business partner and I did an edgy boudoir shoot and that set yielded a couple of my favorite pictures of myself taken to date.

In April 2019 I photographed a boudoir shoot for one of my best friends leading up to her wedding using a borrowed camera. I knew I wanted to do more with boudoir at that time, but did not have the support system or means to pursue it. I then took a hiatus for quite some time.

I was back in front of the camera in October 2020 as part of a marathon day a local Phoenix photographer was doing and that gave me a significant push back into that world.

After another hiatus, I did a small shoot with another close friend and that was the final push I needed to invest in myself, do a formal mentorship, and commit to this journey in late 2022.

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Absolutely. When I say I want an inclusive space that celebrates real life, I mean it wholeheartedly. Life is too short to not lean into your authentic self and be surrounded by love and support.

I also understand that for some, feeling that they know their photographer below surface level is important in making a fully informed and safe decision. I want to do my part to ensure that information is readily available to every potential client.

My identifiers with brief descriptions as they apply to me:
** Polyamorous - I can and sometimes do have multiple romantic partners.
** Demisexual - Romantic relationships & attraction are tied to an emotional connection. This is close to & for some overlaps with asexuality. Note: Having that deep emotional connection does not mean there is a romantic connection.
** Pansexual - Those I have a romantic connection to are connections regardless of gender.

What if I / we don't fit a traditional mold?

This question has potential for two different connotations and I'm going to answer both.

1) Everyone should be celebrated as they are - not once they <insert milestone here>. I am a victim of the early 2000's media depictions of "beauty standards" and it took me until I was 25 to do enough introspection to realize that I needed to do some deeper work there. It also took me until then to realize that "standard" wasn't real.

2) Relationships - be they kinship or romantic - should take a form that honors each enthusiastically consenting adult human that is participating. I am here to help celebrate that with you and those you share your life with!